Automatic sensor taps

Things to Consider Before Buying Sensor taps

Autotaps' aim is to supply you with the highest quality product that's robust and reliable. But there are still other 'third party' factors that affect the way sensor taps works. These factors are outside the scope of our company's responsibility but they are highlighted below to help you make better decisions when buying sensor automatic products.

High Visibility Clothing

It's a known fact that infra red sensors can be triggered by high visibility clothing. Prolonged exposure of infra red sensor to high visibility clothing can cause the sensor to malfunction and may cause permanent damage. If a sensor tap is needed in an area where the users will be wearing high viz clothing, we recommend that you consider using a sensor tap with hidden sensor eye for example: ATS-0049S, ATX-0049, ATW-0048.

Shiny/Reflective Surfaces

Highly reflective or shiny surfaces of some accessories i.e. sinks can cause the sensor to function incorrectly. This is a common factor especially with sensor taps with downward-facing sensor eyes i.e. ATX-8204, ATW-0512, ATS-0049S. Please make sure your choice of accessories are compatible with an infra red sensor.

Only few percentage of these surfaces do cause problems, in most cases (95%+ of the time) the taps works perfectly. We are only highlighting this problem because it does happen and we have the obligation to tell or make our customers aware of these types of issues.

In many cases, it's not the basin that's causing the reflection but it's the 'waste trap' reflecting the light, which in turn interacting with the sensor.

You can try the following:
1. Reduce the proximity sensing distance to a lower range.
2. Move/reposition the basin so that the sensor is not pointing directly unto the waste trap.
3. Change the waste trap to a 'non-reflective' or matte finish type.
4. Opt-in for a 'wall-mounting' sensor (pointing forward) instead.

Gravity-fed Water Supplies

You need at least 0.7 bar of equal pressure (both hot and cold) for the sensor tap to work efficiently. Users with gravity-fed water supply suffers low water pressure. A pressure pump or booster may be needed to increase the pressure. You can search the internet or Amazon for pressure pumps/boosters that might be suited to your needs.

Sensor Timing and Behaviour

The basic/standard working principle of an infra red sensor is that it will only operate when the user approaches the proximity range, and shuts off automatically once the user retracts/leaves the sensor zone. Interacting with the sensor tap in any other way other than its operating principles i.e. by touching/rocking is classified and categorised under misuse and may invalidate your warranty.

For example, users can experience the sensor switching off automatically when washing hands, which is due to the user moving away from the sensing zone. The sensor will automatically come back on with a reaction time of around 1 second or less.

If the user is in the sensor zone and motionless, the sensor will only dispense water for approximately 45-75 seconds and it will automatically switch off (for security/flooding reasons). If the user wants more water, the hands/objects needs to leave the sensor zone and re-enters it again.

Temperature Control

Most of our sensor taps have single supply feeds, if you want sensor taps that regulates hot and cold water, you can go for AMA Series or ATT Series. Otherwise, you'll need a thermostatic valve (ATV-9004C) or a blending valve (ABV-0012). A thermostatic or a blending valve is not required if you have a pre-mix water supply feed. Click here to learn more about different ways of controlling sensor taps' temperature.

Sensor Obstruction

Do not obstruct the sensor eye or cover the sensor eye with anything even with transparent objects i.e. glass.

Sensor Distance

Typical sensor distance or proximity sensor zone is between 10-15cm, and around 23cm for ATW-8304.

Your Choice of Accessories

In general, accessories i.e. sinks or basins are made using different types of materials and finishes, and some of these materials can trigger an infra red sensor to act abnormally. Please make sure that any accessory you've chosen is compatible with an infra red sensor. Please note that customer's choice of accessories are outside the scope of our company's liability, and we cannot accept any responsibility for any discrepancies, refunds, faults, malfunctions, cost of installations/removal arising from such situation.

Acts of Vandalism/Abuse

Warranty will be void if product failure results from acts of accident, acts of nature, vandalism, abuse, misuse or misapplication of the product.

End-user Interaction

User interaction with automatic sensor products must conform to the standard working principles of the product; and any other ways of operations i.e. by touching/rocking are classified and categorised under misuse and may invalidate your warranty. Autotaps cannot accept liability for any faults, cost of installations/removal, refunds, compensation arising from such situation.

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