Water conservation isn't a novel concept, but emerging forces are creating renewed attention among commercial property owners. With the prospect of water resources drying up, facility executives and home owners must find new ways to conserve water. Autotaps have introduce ATT-0116 for residential use, the battery-powered tap features an infrared sensor activation and manual temperature control option.

When you have continuous water flow problem, it usually because of the following known issues listed below. Should this happen, please try the following:

Resetting the sensor
Remove or disconnect the power supply (battery or mains) and leave it for 5 mins. Reconnect again and the sensor will reset itself, and the continuous water flow should be rectified.

Power connection in reverse
The power connection (Negative and Positive) may have been connected in reverse. Check the power connection and this should correct the issue.

Water feed connection in reverse
The water feeds might be connected in reverse. For example, if the water supply feed hose is connected to the 'outlet' slot on the control box, the water will continuously. To rectify, disconnect and reconnect the feed the other way round.

If the problem persist, the control box may be faulty (except ATT/AMA Series) and might need replacing, please call customer service on 0203 086 9820 for further assistance.

If you have leaks, make sure the water connections are tightened properly. Also make sure you have used the right rubber washers (where appropriate).

Always keep Autotaps surface clean and dry. DO NOT IMMERSE AUTOTAPS IN WATER! If cleaning is required, use damp towel or cotton cloth to wipe gently and avoid any rocking or violent motion.

Battery Installation
Make sure the batteries are installed correctly (‘+’ positive and ‘-‘ negative charge). The batteries must be alkaline type of the same brand (It should last up to 2 years)

Auto-block detection function
In most our sensor taps, water will stop running after 60 seconds of continuous flow of water when an object is detected in sensor range (without moving i.e. stationary). After this time, the water will shut OFF automatically and will continue to stay OFF until the object is removed from the sensing/induction zone and re-enters it again.

Undetected objects
Objects of dark colour or transparent objects may not be easily detected. You can press the manual override button (in case of ATO Series) to use manual operation when objects are not detected.

Obstruction Do not obstruct water flow into drainage system when Autotaps is unattended.

Erratic water flow
If Autotaps keeps turning on and off erratically, try and reset Autotaps unit by disconnecting the power for 5 minutes and reconnect again to reset the sensor.

Installing Autotaps
Be careful when installing Autotaps, please note that any damage made to your unit or sensor tap during installation is not manufacturer’s liability.

Erratic sensor detection
If you experience Autotaps infrared sensor behaving erratically, try the following:

1. Turn tap to OFF position,
2. Wipe the infrared sensor face clean of dust or steam
3. Turn tap back to ON position to test.
4. If problem persist, try resetting the sensor range (Click here for instruction)

Prolonging the life of Autotaps
To avoid any damage, DO NOT rock/swing the Autotaps unit or hit violently.

Direct Sunlight
Keep Autotaps away from direct sunlight to avoid damage to the sensor, erratic or unstable behaviour.

Hard water
In case you live in ‘hard-water’ area, it is recommended that you regularly check water 'mesh' filter section (once or twice a month) for limescale build-up.

Autotaps filter
The mesh filter section will gather limescale and debri.

To inspect or clean:
1. Switch OFF the water supply.
2. Remove Autotaps inlet connections (connected to the control box underneath the sink)
3. Remove filter; Inspect and remove any limescale build-up (by giving it a little shake and rinse)
4. Once done, install the control box and switch the water supply back ON.

Please take notice: Water may be HOT from last use. Always check the water temperature is at a safe or COLD position (ATT-Series) before usage.