Automatic sensor taps

Benefits of Automatic Sensor Taps

The benefits of automatic sensor taps

Water conservation isn't a novel concept, but emerging forces are creating renewed attention among commercial property owners. With the prospect of water resources drying up, facility executives and home owners must find new ways to conserve water. Autotaps have introduce ATO-0045 for residential use, the battery-powered tap features an infrared sensor and manually control.

Sensor Taps Facts

Wastes less water : Water conservation of up to 70%.
Easy to use, easier to install.
Affordable (Entry-level sensor taps costs no more than 30% of normal taps).
Hygienic Solution.
Save money on water bills and energy consumption.
Advance infrared sensor technology.
Sensor Customisation via a remote control (sold separately).
Auto Flush option available.
Touch Sensor override option.
Easy to Maintain and Service
Fast Sensor Activation/Response
Advance Fibre-optic sensor technology available.
Maintenance Requirements:

Maintaining our sensor devices are determined by whether the electronics are hardwired or battery-operated. Hardwired products are harder and more expensive to install but require less maintenance than battery-operated devices. Most battery-operated automated systems use standard batteries available at any store; and can also use rechargeable batteries.

Water Efficiency Tops The List of Cost Control Priorities
Tap design look always gets the attention in restroom design. But advancing technology in taps and flush valves is having a substantial impact on restroom design. Computer circuitry and infrared technology have brought new products and lower operating costs.

Breaking Down Operating Costs Increased water costs, energy, vandalism, maintenance and legislative costs, plus changing public attitudes toward hygiene are all hitting building owners in the pocketbook. When costs become this big a factor, the industry has motivation to respond.

How sensor automatic tap works?

Diagram and explanation on how automatic tap works?