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  • AMA Series 2-in-1 Sensor Taps
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  • AMA Series 2-in-1 Sensor Taps
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  • AMA Series 2-in-1 Sensor Taps
  • KAPSARC Project
infrared sensor holders
Autotaps™ ASK DIY Sensor kits

Introducing Autotaps™ new sensor holder designs for our ASK 'Sensor Kit' Series. These new designs features higher protection, reliability, ease of use, installation and latest infrared and fibre-optic activation technology. The designs comes in both wall or deck-mounted options.

SR6 Sensor Tap Remote Control
New sensor remote control

Autotaps™ SR6-12 6-keys remote control allows end-users/engineers to customize various settings on compatible sensor tap models. This amazing product can temporary switch the sensor off, turns water ON/OFF, flushes the system and many more functions.

Self powered control box
Autotaps™ New Hydro-turbine technology

Autotaps™ hydro-turbine generator system, which uses the motion of water to generate necessary power needed to run the sensor tap. 100% Eco freindly solution with no need for any external electricity or battery source.


Water saving technology at its best

Autotaps™ manufactures, designs and distribute 'no touch' activation automatic electronic mixer taps, sensor flushers, automatic shower systems and accessories. We supply Taps to UK and International Markets

All our products incorporate state-of-the-art infrared sensor technology, stylish designs, solid-brass outer shell construction. Our electronic sensor taps have several water saving features 


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Featured Products

AMA-5206 sensor tap

2-in-1 Sensor tap - Swan-neck design sensor tap with automatic and manual activation with temperature control. Ideal for domestic applications


ASK-200 sensor kit

ASK Series sensor kits converts any manual tap to automatic activation with great ease. Highly suitable for public and domestic applications.


ATS-1026 sensor tap

Curve neck design sensor tap - Solid brass outer shell construction with front facing sensor. Ideal for commercial applications


ATW-0048 Sensor Tap

Curve neck design wall-mounted sensor tap with integrated hidden spout sensor. Ideal for commercial applications