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Short slant-neck 2-in-1 automatic and manual combination tap 

Short slant-neck design 
Swivel-neck design sensor tap
2-in-1 Integrative design
Automatic or Manual water control system 
2-Pipeline Design
Double water supply feeds (Hot and Cold)

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Short slant-neck 2-in-1 automatic and manual combination tap
Short slant-neck curve-neck design 
Swivel-neck design sensor tap
2-in-1 Integrative design
Automatic or Manual water control system 
2-Pipeline Design
Double water supply feeds (Hot and Cold)
Power Options: Mains/4x AA Alkaline batteries (up-to 2yr lifespan)
External battery compartment
Low power indicator
Hands free infrared activation
Solid-brass outer-shell construction
Finish: Chrome-plated
2x Flexible supply hoses

Technical Details:
Dia. of Water Inlet Pipe: G1/2" (DN15)
Operating Pressure 0.05~0.7 Mpa
Water pressure range: 0.7 (Min) - 8 Bar (Max)
Flow Rate of Manual Mode: 6L/Min (fitted with flow regulator aerator)
Flow Rate of Automatic Mode: 6L/Min (fitted with flow regulator aerator)
Max. Hot-water Temperature: 70C
Power consumption: =0.3mW
Respond time: 1 Second
Battery Power Consumption: 4xAA alkaline batteries (up-to 2 years lifespan depending on level of usage)
Silent Consumption: 0.003mW
Environment Temperature: 1-45 C
Pipe Threading: British Standard Whitworth (BSW) 
Noise Class: 1
Finish: Chrome-plated
Voltage: DC6V or AC220V-240V (6V Output)

1x Sensor Tap
1x Transformer
4x AA Alkaline Batteries (*Subject to availability)
1x Battery Box
1x Multi-function Battery Bracket
2x Flexible G1/2" *500mm Connection Hoses
2x Non-return Valves With Pre-filter
1x Amphibious Screwdriver
Fittings and Screws
Gravity-fed water supply users:
You'll need at least 0.75 bar of equal pressure from both hot and cold supply in order for this tap to work properly. A pressure pump/booster can be used to increase the water pressure. In summary, the pressure of 'hot' and 'cold' supply feeds must be equal for the temperature control to work efficiently.
Water Flow Differential: Manual & Automatic Mode
When tap is operated manually, the flow of water will be considerably greater than the flow of water dispensed in automatic mode. There's approximately 30% less water dispensed in automatic mode, this is because water flow in manual mode is fed to the user directly from main supplies, whilst the water flow in automatic mode is fed through a separate water channel controlled by a solenoid valve.

Power Options
DC = Direct Current (Battery source)
AC = Alternate Current (Mains electricity supply)

DC only: The tap can run off batteries only (4 x AA batteries)
We recommend using alkaline batteries, which should be new and of the same brand. 

AC only: The tap can run off Mains power supply only.
A 'step-down' transformer is supplied, type AC220V-240V (with 6V Output)

AC + DC: The tap can run off both AC (Mains) + DC (Batteries) connected at the same time.
This means, AC (Mains supply) will run the tap as normal, while the DC (batteries) ramains dormant, and acts as a backup power should the AC power fails.

It's entirely up to you to decide which power option/combination suits your installation/usage the best.
The integrity of the tap stays the same.

This sensor tap can be powered by Batteries (DC) or Mains (AC)
This sensor tap comes with double water supply feeds

Drilling a hole?
Standard 35-38mm hole is fine 

Autotaps Limited warrants its products (Electronic Sensor Taps) to be made of first class materials, free from defects of material or workmanship under normal use and to perform the service for which they are intended in a thoroughly reliable and efficient manner when properly installed and serviced, for a period of three years from date of purchase.

During this period, Autotaps Limited will, at its option, repair or replace any part or parts which prove to be thus defective if returned to Autotaps Limited, at customer’s cost, and this shall be the sole remedy available under this warranty. No claims will be allowed for labour, transportation or other incidental costs. This warranty extends only to persons or organizations who purchased Autotaps products directly from Autotaps Limited. This warranty does not cover the life of the batteries.
Finish Chrome-plated
Installation Type Deck-mounted
Power Option Battery and Mains (AC + DC)
Material Brass
Water Supply Double (Hot and Cold)
Sensor Type Infrared
Remote Control Compatibility IRC-613 (Infrared Remote Control)
Flow Rate 5.7 Ltr/min
Water Pressure Range 0.75 (Min) - 7 Bar (Max)
Maximum Water Temperature 70⁰
Drilling a hole? 32mm
EAN Barcode 5425647080089

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